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Welcome to Edenvale Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Eden Voice of Prophecy

Online Discover Bible guides, are simple, easy to use and answer some of lives challenging questions.
- Why does God permit suffering and death?
- What is a secret to a happy life?
-Is there hope for a chaotic world?

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Pillars of Our Faith

We are a community that strongly believes in the Word of God (The Bible).

The Sabbath

Established at creation as a stamp of the Creator. God is not just the Creator but the Provider and Sustainer. As we rest and bask in His presence on the Sabbath, we acknowledge that He provides for us and our needs. We declare that our lives only find meaning and purpose in Him.

The Sanctuary

The High Priest Jesus Christ in ministering for us in the heavenly sanctuary. Interceding on our behalf like in the day of atonement of old. This is necessary for the purification of sin through the blood of Him that was shed on calvary.

State of the Dead

Only God is immortal and when a person dies, they no longer know anything or have any role to play among the living. They lie in the grave and wait for Jesus’ second coming to either receive eternal life or be condemned to eternal death, depending on their relationship they have had with God while still alive

The Second coming

This is the blessed hope of all believers. The coming of Jesus will be literal, personal, visible and worldwide. When He returns the righteous dead together with the righteous living will be glorified and taken to heaven but the unrighteous will be condemned to death.

The Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testament) are the written Word of God given by divine inspiration. The Word of God is supreme, authoritative and the infallible revelation of His will. It is the standard if character, the test of experience and the trustworthy record of God’s acts in history.


God has entrusted us with time, opportunities, abilities, blessings and resources. We are not owners but managers (stewards) who are accountable to God. We are responsible to Him by proper use and acknowledge His ownership by faithful service to Him and our fellow human beings and by returning tithe and givind offerings for God’s mission of spreading the gospel

The Spirit of Prophecy

God had provided special insights to His end time church through the prophetic gift. This an identifying mark of the end time (remnant) church. These writings provide comfort, guidance, instruction and correction to the church. They also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested.

Official Opening of Kewhurst Branch

Edenvale Seventh Day Adventist has officially opened a branch in Kew with the name Kewhurst.

Community Services We do

Basic Car Maintenance (Out reach)

Edenvale SDA Church has organized a free basic car maintenance to help car owners trouble shoot their own car problems and avoid paying large sums in car repairs. This is part of our community outreach program.

Global Youth Day 2024

On Global Youth Day all the young people all over the world of the Seventh Day Adventist take time to participate in helping their local community.  This year they donated blood.

Watch and Listen to Sabbath School Lessons and Bible Prophecy

You can now watch and listen to sabbath school videos on our official channel Edenvale SDA Church Official Channel on YouTube. You can also watch some lessons on Bible Prophecy.

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Sabbath School in Eden

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Way Mark Wednesdays

Health Talks

Watch some videos on our channel on some basic health tips. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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Our Leaders

"Pastor Ndlozi is our church pastor for Edenvale Seventh Day Adventist. If you would like a pastoral visit or prayers please feel free to contact us and we can arrange. We can also arrage a virtual visit as well."
J.J Ndlozi
Church Pastor
"Elder Stanley Mthombeni is our head elder for the year 2023. In the event that the pastor is not available Elder Mthombeni can be of assistance at any given time, we can also arrange for you to be in touch with him as well.
Head Elder

If you would like a prayer

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